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"Navigating the Golden Compass: Religion, Science and Daemonology in HDM"

Hello all,

I'm an editor at BenBella Books, an independent press located in Dallas, Texas. We just came out with a book about the His Dark Materials series (one that was a pleasure to copyedit!!!) and I wanted to bring it to your attention. For those of you (like myself) who are impatient for Pullman to finish The Book of Dust, this is a great tide-me-over. The anthology consists of several essays by science fiction and fantasy authors who examine things such as

HDM's merits (and failures) as a traditional fantasy
The history of daemon-like creatures in mythology
The death of God
The virtues of Mrs. Coulter
Temptation and Sin in HDM

Obviously I've got a vested interest in this thing, but let me assure you: it really is a good read. I'm hoping to find some folks online who have read it so I can create a LJ discussion about the contents. You can find the book here or here.


If you're looking for something to read as you surf the web you should also check out our website, -- there's a free e-book with ten essays on such topics as Buffy, Narnia, Alias, Charmed, King Kong, Firefly and The Matrix.
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