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I had heard about the HDM trilogy quite a while back, but I never got around to reading them. I just finished the Amber Spyglass last night, and ofcourse, loved the entire serie. The story was incredibly well carried out and the places and characters were so original. I think Northern Lights is my favourite, though it may also be The Amber Spyglass. Either way, I definately surpassed my expectations, and this trilogy has become one of my favourite fantasy series! The subjects explored throughout the serie were quite complex, but everything added up in the end; and it was very heartbreaking, yet wonderfully written. Lyra, Serafina and Iorek are probably my favourite characters, but there are so many more. Marisa Coulter was also a very interesting character; and even though we weren't exactly sure which side she was on most of the time, it was terribly sad when she and Asriel sacrificed themselves. Overall, a magnificent serie, are there any other books you could recommend me by Philip Pullman? I know he has a few other books, but are they another serie, or just individual books?
Now, I just cant imagine this serie (and a few select others) being made into a movie. It would ruin it. Some books are meant to stay books, because once transformed into movies they will never be able to get across such depth, emotion and subtletyas this serie does. And ofcourse, I doubt anyone would be able to find children to be Will and Lyra who could do them justice. I'm also a fan of Harry Potter, but I really dislike the movies because they lack the quality of the books. However, they still have managed to turn it into quite successful movies (and spoilt it) but I couldn't bear to see this trilogy chopped up into three 2-hour movies. How would they be able to mirror the books? For example, I don't think any sound effects or sets can give the feeling of emptiness and eternal despair which lingered in the world of the dead, or any actors to show the emotion Will and Lyra do when they figure out that they will have to live in seperate worlds for the rest of their lives. I really hope the project, however far they are into it, will be given up on. Because no matter how hard they try, they will not be able to make the audience understand, appreciate, and feel such deep emotion as the books enable the reader to.
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ACK! SPOILERS! (Nah, it's OK. I haven't read all the books meself but I know most of the spoilers already.) I agree with you one hundred percent on the book-to-movie adaptation (especially the HP series; it was slaughtered). I'm OK with it turning into a movie. See how well they captured it. What I DON'T like about the idea is that it will attract a lot of movie buffs that never read the books. On the ONE hand, this encourages more people to read the wonderful trilogy, but then you get the stupid movie n00bs ...
You're right, I guess it would encourage others to read the series, but there are many who would just watch them then feel they can critisize...ugh.
Ii'll put it under a cut if you like, I didn't know we should keep our open posts spoiler-free
I enjoy both books and movies. They are two very different art forms though, written stories involving the reader in envisioning what it must have looked like. The other being a passive viewing of someone elses vision. I think both are enjoyable, and I'd love to see the story reach more people, as it would if made into a well done movie. The sticker being "Well Done".