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Amazon comments

I'm writing a dissertation on HDM at the moment (Representations of Christianity in the books) and wanted to share something I found interesting.

Has anyone read the comments American reviewers have left on Amazon.com? Go there, select the reviews under the paperback copy of Northern Lights, and select the 1-starred entries. It makes some entertaining reading - my personal favourite quote being 'I would not give this book to any child or teen you want to have a tolerant attitude toward other's beliefs'. 'Beliefs' are naturally unspecified, but I'm pretty sure Pullman levels many of his comments at organised religion, which in itself isn't tolerant - the irony astounds.

Of course, you could then go and compare this to the British and otherwise reviews on Amazon.co.uk, where the religious controversy takes a backseat to concerns about the quality of narrative. Intriguing.

Also, I can't recommend enough the new edition of Milton's Paradise Lost edited by Pullman. It's only just come out in lovely hardback form, and everyone should buy it :)
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I've been meaning to pick up Paradise Lost for a long time.
Everytime I'm at a bookstore, I'm like "There's something I wanted to get..."
And I never remember what it was until later at home or something.

ps. The one I lsaw on Amazon.com had no 1-Starred Reviews.(i did goto a paperback-northern lights, just like you said too!)
If you looked for "Northern Lights" you might be getting reviews for the British version, as the American publishers renamed the first book "The Golden Compass". I'm pretty sure that it changes the reviews, even though they're both on the .com American site.
It probably does change the reviews.
I just went with the Northern Lights because that's what the original poster wrote.
That sounds very interesitng. I would like to re-read Paradise Lost now, especially if it has been edited by Pullman. Thanks for the recommendation.

ah sorry yes, I'm an idiot, it's 'The Golden Compass' where I ended up looking :S
I haven't read Paradise Lost yet, but like the above commentor, I've been meaning to. I somehow always assumed I'd read it in a lit class eventually, but I never did and now I think I'll go back and make up the deficit. I'd really be interested in the edition Pullman entered, thanks for bringing this to my attention.

What course of study is the dissertation for? Is it more of a broad lit sense, or are you focusing on Childrens/YA lit, or...?

Anyway, good luck, that sounds interesting.
*edited, not entered, sorry.
I'm actually focussing on it as part of Children's Lit, a large section will be on why many people think the anti-religious aspects make it unsuitable for children, whereas in fact I believe the evidence points to that fact that children can make balanced judgements and should be encouraged to, or at least be encouraged just to read a good story!