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my book about "His Dark Materials"

My first LiveJournal post ever...

I've just finished a book about "His Dark Materials" that's coming out next month, and my publisher has set aside some copies for dedicated Pullman fans. Would anyone in this community like a copy?

Pullman helped with it by answering questions and clarifying his ideas. He liked the final result, and even offered a very generous blurb for the cover that I'm too embarrassed to repeat here.

It's along the lines of my earlier books about Harry Potter, "The Lord of the Rings" and Narnia, though in keeping with Pullman's ideas it's probably a little deeper. I can't guarantee a lot of surprises for Pullman experts, but it should be a good read.

I'm supposed to give my publisher the mailing list by next Friday, March 3. If you'd like to see the book, let me know at my address below. Be sure to send me your name and snailmail address. I'm a newbie at this and the deadline is tight, so I'm just writing to a few communities and people who have listed Pullman as an interest, and hoping for the best. If anyone has a helpful tip, feel free to pass it along.

David Colbert
author, "The Magical Worlds of Philip Pullman"
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